About Julian

I’m a narrator-for-hire, documentary playwright, travel blogger, content creator, and podcaster for CreativeIndustriesForum.com. In all my creative ventures, I strive to bring curiosity, critical thinking, and a sense of humor. I believe people believe anything they see in writing

Currently, I’m a junior at Brandeis University majoring in American studies, with minors in Environmental Studies, and Legal Studies. Starting this fall at Brandeis, I’ll be embarking on a thesis about a 2008 case of forced confession in Worcester Massachusetts. However, this thesis will not remain static on a page, or collecting dust in a library basement. Fellow Brandeis student Amanda Jane Stern and I am collaborating to bring this story to the stage in the form of a new documentary play. If you or your organization would like to know more about, or sponsor this project, please contact me via email julianseltzer [at] [gmail] [dotcom]

In 2013, Amanda and I were writers and co-Directors of When Rebellion Becomes Revolution, a documentary play about a notorious chapter of Brandeis University history. The full archival video of the performance is available on THIS WEBSITE

I blog every day at www.julianseltzer.com
It’s an easy blog to follow. I post 1 pic & 1 sentence EVERY day

If you are a fellow blogger (or a content curator),
I’d be more than happy to guest blog, freelance — or even more

Here is a small sampling of the topics I can competently cover:
•  How to win a Twitter war
•  Animal facts
•  Playwriting
•  Photography
•  Improvisational comedy
•  Urban design
•  ‘merican history
•  Hunting for the best hummus in NYC
•  Street art
•  Cultural, Music & Film criticism
•  Best internet writing practices

For any questions, inquiries (or a “hello”),
EMAIL me at
julianseltzer [at] [gmail] [dotcom].

Poke me on Twitter @JulianSeltzer

Connect with me on LinkedIn


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