Inspired by a Creative City

Product Design

Copenhagen is world renowned as a creative city. The city of nearly 1 million is a leader in innovative architecture, design, and food. During my time in Copenhagen, I was fortunate enough to be team member for two creative projects:

While every day it seems more and more content is trying to catch online eyeballs, quality content still matters. Creative Industries Forum is an online magazine that examines trends, events and personalities in the creative industries. The magazine’s publication schedule encourages critical thinking instead of a race to get information out as quickly and haphazardly as possible. The Forum’s editorial and writing staffs are experienced creative professionals and next generation industry professionals. Articles address topics from innovation and media to photography and film

I am the host and creator of the Creative Industries Forum Podcast. Since coming to Denmark, I have been struck by many of the creative people I have encountered working throughout the country’s creative industries. I use the Podcast to spotlight both established and up-and-coming individuals. In each episode I have a brief conversation with someone working in one of Denmark’s creative industries. For Episode 1, I spoke with Stephan Abu-Khader (aka DJ Oii!). More episodes will be released soon

I developed the podcast with the invaluable support of Gracie McKenzie (Group Editor) and Jomar Reyes (Founding Editor and Publisher).  Also, Davis Snedeker (Production Manager and Music Editor) helped me to get Episode 1 off the ground. Davis introduced me to Stephan Abu-Khader, and he was the first person to hear my initial edit of the episode

My first podcast guest DJ Oii!
Photo courtesy of his Facebook page









Remembering DIS

A semester at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (abbreviated DIS) represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for nearly 2,000 students a year. Every student wants a way to remember their experience, and a piece of DIS to take home with them. In past semesters, DIS has attempted to provide the students with a meaningful way to remember DIS. However, the extent of that attempt was a much-maligned t-shirt design

Remembering DIS thought that old model was due for an overhaul. We decided to start over from scratch and directly ask the students what merchandise they wanted. The survey was neatly designed by Sammie Polansky. I was part of that market research group. Through Facebook, Twitter and direct messaging, I reached out to a broad-cross section of DIS students and asked them to fill out the survey

Remembering DIS represents a new branch of merchandising for DIS. Based on the survey results, the design team created a new line of DIS decals and a new official DIS branded reusable water bottle. Once the products were designed, I led the social media and physical marketing

The marketing campaign has been purposefully tongue-in-cheek. Most ads and statuses involve a pun using the acronym DIS. For instance, one poster about the reusable water bottle said,  “Drink DIS up!” And a poster for the decals said, “Make DIS stick”

I believe a cross-platform promotional campaign, coupled with a deluge of physical posters is the best way to reach the DIS audience. I created and continue to update the page on a regular basis. The page’s first Facebook post was a simple question: Why not take a piece of your DIS experience home with you?

My favorite #rememberingDIS poster
Designed by Remembering DIS team member, Aly Engle

sticker ad 1